Free Virtual Private Network Trial with Free2surf

Free2surf has been in the VPN services business since 2001 and has offices in US and Central America. Initially, its market segment was entirely businesses though it has since expanded to consumer VPN services. The company offers four packages; daily, monthly, semi annually and annually with each package having 7-day money back guarantee. However, there is no trial version for the VPN service.

Free2surf is definitely not a newbie in this business; it has 27 servers located in 16 countries. Users have access to over 3470 IP addresses each of which uses high-level encryption to protect user identity.

Supported VPN Protocols: It uses two levels of encryption depending on the protocol someone is using, with the OpenVPN using 1024-bit encryption while the PPTP/L2PT uses 128-bit encryption.

VPN / IP Adresses from: Free2surf’s servers are located in US, UK, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, France, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Isle of Man, Panama and Germany.

Free2surf does not keep log files in its system. However, users are not allowed to engage in illegal activities and piracy. When this is detected, the VPN service provider may be compelled by the law to keep logs for a certain user to aid in investigation.

Free2surf client login is very easy to use such that customers do not need to have prior programming knowledge to set up their system. The setup process involves 3 steps making it easy to use for everyone.

VPN Client Software for: Free2surf is supported by all major operating systems including android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Unblocking & security: The service speed is entirely dependent on the user’s internet speed. Additionally, there is no minimum speed for users before they can load the VPN service. The system also allows file sharing services without risking disclosing of a user’s location. Additionally, there is no download limit for this VPN service.

VPN Free Trial Offer 2014: Free2Surf offers a 7 days Trial (Money Back Guarantee)