Anonymous Filesharing with Torguard

TorGuard provides virtual private networks (VPN) and specializes in torrents. The „tor“ in TorGuard relates to torrents and how important it is to guard privacy when using bitorrent. TorGuard has servers in more than 30 countries worldwide and is committed to the secure encryption experienced when customers sign up for VPN services.

The TorGuard price plans reduce considerably when users take out the service over longer periods of time and the company offers two programs TorGuard Lite and TorGuard Viscosity. TorGuard Viscosity does offer far more advanced features but it’s only possible to license the program for one device, whereas TorGuard Lite can be used simultaneously on up to five devices. Some of the other programs TorGuard offer include AndroidVPN and Torrent Proxy, specifically for bitorrent.

The software can be loaded to any operating system and is also fully supported on VPN routers, which the company can supply with software pre-installed. The company offers a 24/7 support service via online chat, so problems or queries can be addressed quickly. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so users can purchase plans in the knowledge their money will be refunded if major problems are experienced with the software.

The VPN program offers users unlimited bandwidth and upload/download speeds. Available protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP and the customer support service can advise of the best protocol to suit user needs.

Users wishing to keep an online identity private, browse in anonymity without having an IP address associated with website browsing habits and ensure secure encryption of data from insecure locations like public WiFi hotspots will appreciate the benefits of the security offered by TorGuard’s VPN service.

This secure service applies a protective layer to all internet communications, whether it’s by email or direct website input. Hackers and eavesdroppers find it easy to intercept unprotected online communications, particularly from mobile devices which don’t tend to have built in security protection.  More about TorGuard.

When users are frequently conducting financial transactions or banking communications online they jeopardize the security of their banking information. Taking out secure VPN services puts control back into the hands of the customer and ensures all data transmitted is encrypted securely, from an anonymous IP address that cannot be tracked or spammed with unwanted marketing materials.

In addition, travellers to countries operating censorship or blocking of certain websites are assured of continued access to the sites and internet services required, as the TorGuard system tunnels through the firewalls that have been put in place.