Personal Experience with VR Adult Content

watching vr movie

Just take part, that’s what many porn fans dream of. The sex industry knows this only too well and is working feverishly on new products that are supposed to offer just that.

Latest highlight: The sex glasses. So-called virtual reality (VR) films draw the viewer into the action and are intended to give the feeling of being part of the porn flicks rather than the viewer. I tested the hot erotic toy.

The new porn toy is hidden in inconspicuous, small cardboard boxes. Between giant dildos, latex masks and erotic literature, the digital wonder is barely visible.

Visit Europe’s biggest sex store! The „Boutique Bizarre“ on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg has been selling VR porn and interactive sex toys for several year.

A girl that works in the boutique explains the new technology: „This is totally exciting! No matter what you look like as a man, with glasses like these you have the body of a porn star. And as a woman you can feel like a man.“

watching Badoink moviesIn most VR porn, the viewer takes on the role of the male actor. No wonder, most porn consumers are men.

Even more interaction and active choice of what should happen next is possible in VR sex games.

How does it all work?

You can either download the films from a USB stick to your smartphone or watch them on streaming sites on the Internet („Realitylovers“, „VirtualRealPorn“, „BaDoinkVR“). Most important device: the VR glasses. Actually only one holder for the Smartphone, equipped with two special lenses. Learn all about market leader BadoinkVR in this review of a Frensh VR tester site.

The glasses are available in different versions, from cheap to classy, but they all work according to the same principle: The lenses combine two separate images into one 360-degree image. When you put the glasses on, you can look around in the film in all directions, up and down, right and left. Just as if you were standing in the room.

Multiple body parts in the game

Glasses on, porn on, let’s go: When you look down on yourself, the first thing you see is the naked body of another man. At least optically, you no longer notice anything of the surroundings. The film scene fills the field of vision completely, you are right in the middle of the action. Crazy!

The tested film is only about five minutes long and consists of a simple scene: sex on the bed, two actors, man and woman. They are naked within seconds, it goes straight to the point.

Now another body part comes into play: the left or right hand. A bracelet („Senseband„) connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and registers hand movements. The faster they are, the faster the film scene is played back. If a button on the wristband is pressed briefly, the film jumps to the next sequence, i.e. the female actress changes position.

virtual sex experienceThe male actor hardly moves at all, the woman sits or squats on him and does all the work. Almost all VR porn is shot from this male perspective. The only difference: the number of female partners. In some films another couple has sex in the room.

So the porn plot itself is not exceptional, the only thing that is new is the perspective. But the perspective is a tough one. Luckily, the sex store consultant Eve Champagne is present at the BILD test. She helps with the foreign technology and makes sure that the reporter does not run into a shelf.

It takes a few minutes to get used to the all-round view. Everything is a bit bigger than in reality, both the room around and the two actors. When the woman stands up, she looks gigantic. You have to look up to see her face.

An irritating feeling remains

Otherwise, VR videos actually feel more „real“ than conventional films, and that also applies to porn. Being part of a sex film all of a sudden is a little shock at first and definitely not arousing. Too big, too garish, too close – a stimulus satiation from which one cannot simply turn away one’s gaze. Better than normal porn in 2D? A matter of taste. But in any case exciting.

It remains an irritating feeling, because actually one is blind: From the world outside the sex glasses nothing more is to be seen. Is someone just coming into the room? Is the cat running in front of your feet? Is there a threat of tripping over a cable? Hard to say as long as the glasses are on your head. To avoid embarrassing surprises and dangerous accidents, it is advisable to lock the room door and remain seated quietly.

And: Depending on the eyeglasses manufacturer and cell phone model, the VR experience can vary greatly, strain the eyes or cause headaches and dizziness. The technology is not yet fully developed. So before you buy, test whether your cell phone is compatible with the glasses!

VR porn is just the beginning

It is true that watching movies with VR glasses goes far beyond just watching porn. But of course this is far from real sex. This will not remain so, because the manufacturers of sex articles are working on a VR experience that is as real as possible.

According to the owner of the „Boutique Bizarre“, this technology is only just beginning. Kay Arnold (51): „These are great ideas, but it only gets really crazy when you can feel the film all over your body. I’m thinking of a sensitive suit that we can put on, a second skin.