Online Gambling Against Corona-Boredom?

online gamblingWhat to do when you’re sitting at home and there’s nothing left on Netflix that you don’t already know? You speak all the languages, you’ve even once read a book.. Then maybe there is only one thing left at the end: Get your blood pumping by gambling online.

Just kidding – we don’t want to persuade anybody to get addicted or even gamble away their money. But within a reasonable and controlled framework, an adult can certainly dare to play a game or two. Especially if the games are free.

Online games – this is how the gaming fun from the Internet works

A current computer game costs between 50 and 90 euros. That’s a lot of money – especially for gamblers who only want to play for money occasionally. They are increasingly switching to online games. These are games that are available for free on the Internet. We tell you what you should know about them.

Free software from the Internet

With an online game, you do not buy the software on CD or DVD, but download it from the Internet for free. For some programs you only need your browser. The rest of the game is loaded from the provider’s servers as required. This is why these games are called „server-side“. Games where you download the software and save it on your computer are called „client-side“ games. These games often required special subprograms such as Flash or Java to be installed in order to run. However, as programs and technology have evolved, more and more games have made this unnecessary.

Participation in online games is usually free of charge. However, some companies charge money if you want to unlock special features or items in the game. Support, i.e. help if something doesn’t work, is also charged for in some browser games. Other providers display advertisements in order to earn money with the game.

Many online games on one site

Online games are becoming more and more popular, so developers are throwing more and more games on the market. Because it is easy to lose track of the masses of software, some sites on the Internet have specialized in compiling a collection of the best and most exciting online games. There newcomers can get an overview and try out the different games.

Play in your own worlds

The developers of online games have something for almost every taste. MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games), for example, are very popular. You often roam a fantasy world with thousands of other players and slip into the role of a warrior, an orc, an elven or another fantastic being. You will be given tasks. The more of these so-called quests you complete, the higher up you climb in the game hierarchy. Other MMORPGs play in the present and let you slip into the role of an elite fighter or secret agent.

Strategy games are also a popular genre among online games. You build a world empire, develop civilizations or take economic power over entire industries. If these tasks seem a little too big for you, you can create an impressive garden or help a farm to flourish in other games.

Friends of fast racing or daring flight manoeuvres will also get their money’s worth in online games. Whether you’re racing through the sky in a jet plane at Mach three or splashing the desert sand at the wheel of a rally car – the choice of simulators and racing games on the Internet is huge.

If you are not sure which online game you want to participate in, you should take a look at the various test sites on the Internet. There you will also find tips and solutions if you get stuck with your Ork or your racing car.

Solo Gambling with Dice

backgammonOne of the oldest toys of mankind is square, has six sides and works on a random principle: the dice. As early as 3000 B.C. in Persia and Mesopotamia, people played a game with dice that is strongly reminiscent of our „backgammon“ of today. Nowadays, more entertaining dice games such as Yahtzee or Bitcoin dice games make the rounds. The latter can be found here. But what if you don’t have a dice table, mug or friends ready to throw the dice? Then one of the many virtual dice games that are available online for the PC, the iPhone and for all game consoles is ready in a flash.

Classics in a new guise

From the popular dice games there are usually several conversions to the video game. The popular „Kniffel“ for example can be found under different names on almost all systems. These are called „iKniffl“ for the iPhone or simply „Yahtzee“ as in the game collection „Hasbro Family Game Night“ for the Xbox 360. Nintendo DS owners can get the „Hasbro Compilation“ in the module slot, and PC gamers can download „Kniffel XXL“ as a download via Gamesload to their computers. Kniffel, Pasch, small and big street: the rules are independent of the system. The only differences are in price and presentation. Some conversions represent the whole thing true to the original, i.e. as a dice game on a dice table. Other conversions transport the point hunter into the jungle, to Asia or Egypt. A question of taste, then.
Fresh ideas

Admittedly, video game implementations develop a whole new fascination the moment they defy the established rules. Many smaller manufacturers rediscover the wonderfully simple dice principle again and again. Especially quite cheap download games for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 take dice as a basis for bizarre new game ideas.

For example the recently released „Voodoo Dice“: The puzzle game does not focus on the dice as an action, but rather on the geometric properties of the dice as an object. Ergo, the player must roll the cube across the playing field until it comes to rest on the right side in front of the right object. A tricky business. Even more exotic is the idea behind „Zombie Dice“ for the iPhone. Here, the undead throws three dice that either represent brains or head shots. The result is a very funny „Russian Roulette“ variant.

No matter whether you are a fan of complex multiplayer online action games or of the classic dice games or slots, or whether you like to try something new: dice have always been and will always be a great entertainment tool – even in virtual form. The selection of games is huge, their principle is usually directly understandable and especially smaller developers are always coming up with new dice ideas. Ideal for quick fun in between!