WhatsApp Shock: Spy App Makes Partner Monitoring Possible

The new Dasta app offers virtual stalkers a new platform. Any WhatsApp user can become a victim of the monitoring software.

  • WhatsApp security vulnerability opens the door to the popular App Dasta.
  • Any user – even foreign contacts – can be spied on.

The new software for Android and iOS enjoys great popularity.

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There are almost 60 million active WhatsApp users in Germany alone, as the company’s parent company Facebook recently announced. The majority of them are likely to be extremely sensitive to the issue of security and data protection. Those are now confronted with an unattractive new development: The App Dasta has the intention to spy on any user of the communication service!

WhatsApp/Dasta: Online status of any user is evaluated

The software is not unknown programming: „Dasta – Tracker for WhatsApp“ – as it is officially called – is to be found at the top of the download charts of the providers Apple and Google Android, as Chip.de explains. And this is how the controversial app works:

App Dasta is able to record and analyze the online status of a specific WhatsApp user. Using a log of the collected data, Dasta users can analyze the behavior of the desired person. To use the app, it is sufficient to know the telephone number of a WhatsApp user.

The possibility of data recording itself has existed for some time, as Chip.de further describes. The actual innovation of the software is that compared to comparable offers, the corresponding user interface is programmed and the evaluation is presented in a simplified way. The bundling in a comparatively easy to use application represents a „new level of audacity“ for the specialist portal.

A user of Dasta could use the collected data to see how an observed WhatsApp user behaves. Like when he sleeps or other daily routines. Theoretically-although with a little more effort and imagination-the data user is even able to detect when two other people are chatting with each other in WhatsApp. Jealous partners are thus offered a dangerous weapon!

WhatsApp itself is the problem

The security issue is WhatsApp itself. If you know a phone number of a WhatsApp user, you can log the online status. This vulnerability had been used by dubious scripts before. Dasta becomes dangerous because it provides this kind of spying with an easy-to-use interface. The only hurdle for spies: The app costs money. Although Dasta is free to download, monitoring more than one phone number costs money every month. This is the same with other spy apps such as this well-known one.

Technically, Dasta works like this: The service constantly checks the WhatsApp online status of a user. This is the setting in WhatsApp that shows under the name whether the user is „online“.

WhatsApp: Can you defend against dasta?

On social media platforms like Twitter, the Dasta offer is critically evaluated. Users are concerned about the surveillance mania and recommend users of the app to see a psychiatrist. Many a tweet illustrates what most users are probably most concerned about: monitoring their partner or someone they desire.

Learn more details about Dasta App here.

What is this sick DASTA surveillance mania all about?

There are so many reasons why people don’t respond to WhatsApp right away and it doesn’t have to be personal?

Sure, if it is several hours/days etc. it feels stupid but there are always 2 sides to it

And what does Dasta cost? The download is free of charge, so that only a certain number can be spied out. Who that is not enough, that pays per month eleven euro. More than one WhatsApp number can then be evaluated. The Dasta subscription is automatically renewed until it is cancelled. Overall, the prices vary depending on the number of numbers requested and the method of payment.

Anyone who wants to defend themselves against the new spy app will be disappointed: As of now, WhatsApp does not yet have a recipe in its portfolio that prevents third-party data analysis. But there is at least the option of not displaying when you were last online. This can be done via the data protection settings at WhatsApp, which, by the way, will soon eliminate a function that is important for many users.

However, if you are currently online, this can very well be recorded by Dasta and also evaluated in the stalker’s mind.

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