Trickbyte Smart DNS

The merchandise has gained some popularity, mostly because of the exceptional pricing strategy and found in 2013.

The TrickByte Smart DNS merchandise is advertised as a service allowing customers to use streaming media sites from any place on the planet. It permits access to content that is normally limited by area and has the ability to achieve this without needing the consumer to install any software onto their device(s).

The way that It Functions

Smart DNS technology works be rerouting a user’s DNS queries via a server in a different place. This hides tricks sites and the user’s accurate location into believing they’re based elsewhere, thereby circumventing geo-constraints. The DNS rerouting just requires influence on services that are supported, so other browsing isn’t affected.

With less emphasis on security, the service resembles Virtual Private Network technology, except in a lot of ways. Nevertheless, because of the fact traffic isn’t encrypted, it’s for streaming media more dependable, as it will not suffer from the exact same bottleneck problems related to a VPN.

Payment and pricing Systems

When it comes to pricing, TrickByte is among the least expensive Smart DNS services out there, with their simplest subscription costing only $2.99 per month. Also, a 6 month subscription can be found in a cost of $16.49 (more than 8% off the basic monthly price), while a complete year subscription costs only $29.99 (20% off).

Also, TrickByte offers a remarkably generous 14-day trial offer, enabling prospective customers to test before they purchase. Users don’t need to provide credit card or alternative payment info to use the trial, there isn’t any duty to continue past the trial period with all the service. The trial also can be cancelled at any given point.

Customers possess the option of paying through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal for his or her subscription. In comparison to other similar goods out there although it is a somewhat small selection of choices, the choices ought to be adequate for a large proportion of men and women.


As with other Smart DNS products out there, among the more significant plus points of the TrickByte Smart DNS service is its compatibility with operating systems and numerous distinct devices. This covers Smart TVs, games consoles, computers, graphics tablets, mobile phones and much more. Set Up tutorials for popular apparatus are available below.

Customer Support

The web site of the product contains an all-inclusive help section, referred to as the ‚Knowledge Base‘, that will supply customers with answers to the most often asked questions, along with tutorials and troubleshooting tips. Most problems may be worked out by taking advantage of the section.

Yet, in case a user has to make direct contact with all the customer service team, various systems can be found, including a ticket-based help system in direct mail support, e-mail support and the web site. Although there might be some delays in responding to e-mails technical support is on offer twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. If you just want to try their service – you can get coupons for Trickbyte on this site.

Streaming Services Supported

TrickByte Smart DNS provides support for an extensive variety of streaming media services that are distinct, found all over the world in several nations. Amongst the most remarkable services supported are:

Amazon InstantbVideo
Fox Football 2Go
Skies Go
WWE Network

Plus more. The full list of services and supported stations are available here.