Top 5 Altcoins That Could Make Over 1000X In 2020

cryptocurrency tradingMany investors have missed the real run on the Bitcoin. However, there is still the possibility to profit from certain Altcoins as an investor. Unfortunately, there are now more than several thousand different cryptocurrencies and it makes no sense to pick out any of them and simply put money on an uptrend.

Most of these 1000 cryptocurrencies will eventually disappear from the market again without a sound. However, in 2018 one or the other Altcoin will probably make a strong profit.

The hype surrounding this speculative market is far from over, as a so-called gold-digger mentality prevails here: Everybody knows there’s a big gold vein somewhere and everybody’s looking for it.

In 2018 one or more old coins will make a jump. That’s why investors should focus on the Altcoins that are developing promisingly in the market.

Because some of the altcoins have a greater benefit due to sophisticated technology or particularly high data protection than those altcoins that are actually just a copy of Bitcoin.

Here is a list of exchanges where altcoins can be traded.

What is Altcoin about with a 1000-fold increase in value?

The hype about Bitcoin and Altcoin is as topical in 2018 as it was last year. Last year there were some cryptocurrencies that made it big and some that were clearly among the losers. But the experts agree that the trend for the cryptocurrencies will continue to rise steeply in 2018, and everyone who wants to take a risk in 2018 has the chance of an extraordinary profit increase. However, there is an immense selection of Altcoin on the market and only a handful of them are really promising.

Mostly those Altcoin are promising for the year 2018, which have a corresponding background, such as an international corporation that is pushing the crypto currency. With these Altcoins there is a real chance of an increase in profits and that they will still have an increase in value in the coming years. The only thing that helps here is to find out exactly about the existing offers of crypto currencies and to subject them to an analysis regarding their potential. If this is too complex for you, you should take a look at our recommendation regarding the 8 Top Altcoin, which have a potential for a 1000-fold increase in value.

How does a 1000-fold increase in value of Altcoins work?

Similar to the Bitcoins of a few years ago, some of the Altcoins should be able to increase in value 1000 times. However, the value of the Altcoin must currently be as low as possible and preferably well below one dollar. If the value is only a few cents, the upward potential is correspondingly high. However, the risk is great for many old coins that they will never experience a sustained upward trend.

For a hype to occur, there must be interest among investors, who then want to invest sustainably in this crypto-currency in 2018. This usually only applies to those Altcoin that offer a technological advantage or have a large community that will use this crypto currency. If there is a sustained demand, this awakens the investors‘ desire to buy and they buy the tokens, which further increases the price. Once a rally is underway, many investors will try to enter in the short term, driving prices higher. As a result, huge increases in value can be achieved within a few months.

What opportunities / advantages do the Top 5 Altcoin offer?

If you would like to keep your chances of an Altcoin with exceptional potential in 2018, you should take a closer look at our recommendations. We have examined the broad spectrum of Altcoin for you to find the most promising candidates in order to optimize your chances of winning.

Without a pre-sorting of Altcoin with no great development potential, an investor without experience has little chance of selecting an Altcoin that can really achieve such an enormous increase in value of more than 1000 percent. But a manageable list of the top 8 providers is easy for an interested investor to overlook and even tap into the corresponding potential in order to make a fact-based decision when entering the crypto-currency market.

What are the risks / disadvantages?

If you want to invest a part of your money in Altcoin in 2018, you have to be aware that you can lose your entire investment or simply not make a cent profit. The investment in a crypto currency is highly speculative and nobody can really say how a market will develop.

There are always surprises that can turn the market upside down from one day to the next. However, this is true for any kind of trading on the stock exchange and this will not change in 2018. There are very low-risk investments that can generate far fewer profits. But a high chance of profit with Altcoin just carries the risk of a complete loss of the stake.


Ethos is designed as a platform as a universal as well as mobile wallet for convenient exchange of crypto and fiat currencies. Only the user is responsible for this, as there is no superior authority. Ethos has been created as a decentralised network and serves as a social network for expert assistance to members with a lower knowledge status.

2. Dragonchain

The Altcoin Dragonchain sees itself also in 2018 as a platform for application development, using programming languages like Java and an incubator to create new applications cheaply and quickly. The safety net of this platform is unusually high and proves to be extremely flexible in everyday life. It is therefore particularly suitable for real business transactions. Dragonchain is accessible for several crypto currencies.

2. Filecoin

Filecoin is an extremely promising platform that is used as a decentralized network and cloud storage. So it uses the free hard disk capacities on worldwide distributed computers, whose owners are paid with this Altcoin. A similar project is offered by Storj. Filecoin has already aroused the interest of the market and has a much higher entry price in 2018 than other Altcoins. Therefore the interest of some larger companies in this Altcoin is certain.

3. Substrate

Also in 2018, Substratum wants to take the Internet to the next level, 3.0, and further decentralize it. So the use of Substratum has a common purpose and this platform serves as a node server for users worldwide. Anyone who provides Substrateum with computing power through their computer will be rewarded with SUB. Substratum’s network is freely accessible and cannot be blocked, which makes it important for those countries where Internet access is otherwise monitored or restricted by the state.

5. Quantum Stamp

This Altcoin could develop very positively in 2018, as it is relatively unique on the market. Quantstamp sees itself as TÜV inspector for other block chain projects. It tests these projects for their security against hackers and other attacks, whereas such a test is usually very cost and time intensive. With Quantstamp, the same test can be performed faster and much cheaper.