VPNAccounts.com Review

VPNAccounts.com is a virtual private network (VPN) provider offering a variety of price plans for its service. The service is unavailable for torrent or P2P, but does offer unmetered data transfer and a range of suitable protocols. Users experiencing problems with the software can obtain full refund within seven days of purchase.

The service has servers in nine different country locations and set up seems fairly simple, with no software download requirement apart from the OpenVPN service. New users select the operating system they will use, follow the complete guidelines provided and the welcome email from VPNAccounts provides all the information needed to log into the service on a regular basis. The company suggest users set up a variety of VPN connection protocols to ensure continuity of service across worldwide locations. Users of Windows, Mac OS X, iPhones, Android, and more can connect into a VPN using the VPNAccounts service.

Using a virtual private network ensures users can access websites and services wherever they happen to be in the world. Some countries, such as China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, block certain websites and services, but the advantage of a VPN is users log in via servers located across the world and are able to access blocked services or watch programs on BBC iPlayer, Hulu or Netflix from any location.

All internet users should be aware of security issues when operating from unprotected computers and devices. Internet service providers (ISP) keep routine logs of user activity and archive this information for up to two years. When users connect to VPN services like VPNAccounts the ISP cannot read the encrypted data, so user privacy and freedom to surf the internet is maintained.

Using WiFi hotspots in places like internet cafes, airports, hotels can also be extremely dangerous to users as data can be intercepted by others in the vicinity, use of virtual private networks ensures the security of personal data in all such locations. Freedom and the ability to remain anonymous are guaranteed with virtual private networks.

The service can be connected to multiple devices, however users are unable to use more than two devices simultaneously when logged in via VPNAccounts. You can get the most uptodate vpn software from this website.

VPNAccounts does block torrent sites and P2P programs such as emule or uTorrent, due to legal issues such as copyright infringement. The site states they wish to keep their service clean and retain other users.