Secure Internet with Hide My Ass

Who does not want to become a glass object on the Internet, which should look for a VPN service. Long ago it is no longer anonymous and secure while surfing the Internet. Both the start, and inter giants like Google and Co, can learn a lot about the user based on the surfing behavior. Who does not want that everybody knows what interests you have and what is driving everything on the Internet that you should look for a VPN provider. Read more at

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DOA 5 about to be released

The latest installment in Tecmo’s long-running fighting franchise brings a few new tricks to the table.

Dead or Alive 5 features all-new fully destructible environments and additional moves which will add to » read more

Attention PS3 Gamers – GTA 5 hits the Playstation soon.

Grand Theft Auto V is probably the most sought after video game titles this year.

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How to protect your .htaccess

There is a simple code snippet I always include in my .htaccess to protect the file itself. It sure keeps them hackers out…
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How to use .htaccess for keeping visitors out

If you are a Webdesigner, there are many ways and reasons why you might want to keep someone out of your webspace. In my case I was designing a Website and wanted to keep everyone out as long as it wasn’t ready for public. I had the possibility to install a password protection via .htaccess and .htpasswd, but for my taste that was too much work to do. Generating an encoded password was the reason.

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