DOA 5 about to be released

The latest installment in Tecmo’s long-running fighting franchise brings a few new tricks to the table.

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Attention PS3 Gamers – GTA 5 hits the Playstation soon.

Grand Theft Auto V is probably the most sought after video game titles this year.

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How to protect your .htaccess

There is a simple code snippet I always include in my .htaccess to protect the file itself. It sure keeps them hackers out…
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How to use .htaccess for keeping visitors out

If you are a Webdesigner, there are many ways and reasons why you might want to keep someone out of your webspace. In my case I was designing a Website and wanted to keep everyone out as long as it wasn’t ready for public. I had the possibility to install a password protection via .htaccess and .htpasswd, but for my taste that was too much work to do. Generating an encoded password was the reason.

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