How to unblock Facebook in Iran

Regarding Internet, Facebook has proved to be one of the highest penetrations in the Middle East. But access to this social network from a country like Iran has had a more than troubled history.
As a matter of fact,it seems a ban was set in place before the year 2007 and then this ban was lifted to get reintroduced again before the 2009 elections. Due to strong criticism and opposition the prohibition was lifted again and so on and on until today, when the ban is in place,the Iranian government setting specialized police units to track people browsing through Facebook and threatening them with interrogations, tortures, detentions – like the us government does with people like Chelsea Manning or other Whistleblowers.

Some cheap VPN (virtual private network) companies in Iran who would reportedly have helped Iranians disguise their online profiles have proved to be run by the Iranian government itself.

Anyhow, Facebook is not impossible to unblock, always provided Iranians use non-Iranian VPN providers or proxies (second best way to unblock FB) whose servers are set well out of Iran or even the Middle East. In fact, VPN is the best option not only to unblock access to Facebook but also to secure an encrypted tunnel for users to write content in an anonymous way by the use of a Facebook alias.

But individuals should be strongly warned that in countries such as this, a wide range of techniques to unveil a user’s identity could be implemented by their intelligence agencies.

Here is a list of VPN providers to be used from a restrictive place as Iran is. These providers offer different locations throughout the world and none of them in the list will submit to legal actions from governments:


Hide My Ass


Strong VPN

Switch VPN