DOA 5 about to be released

The latest installment in Tecmo’s long-running fighting franchise brings a few new tricks to the table.

Dead or Alive 5 features all-new fully destructible environments and additional moves which will add to the player’s interactivity with the arenas. The new ‚Power Blow‘ move, for example, is a massively powerful attack that can throw the opponent character through walls and over cliffs. Interaction with these sections of the play areas will trigger a QTE-based environment attack.

DOA5 brings these environment attacks to the tag matches in the game as well. Working as a team, one player initiates a ‚Power Blow‘, sending the opponent towards their teammate; the teammate then performs a combo, followed by a second ‚Power Blow‘ to send the opponent into the destructible scenery. Additional features include the new ‚Cliffhanger‘ event; knocking an opponent to the edge of a split-level stage gives them the opportunity to grab on to the ledge. An environment attack sequence will then give the player the chance to inflict even more damage by successfully negotiating the event challenge.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of DOA5 – almost as much as they are waiting for the blockbustergame Grand Theft Auto 5.

Skilled Dead or Alive players will be able to inflict more damage by utilizing the new „Critical Burst“ feature. When inflicting damage to an opponent, DOA5 presents a split-second opportunity to launch this secondary attack, reducing the opponent to ‚crumple state‘. If successfully used, this feature will allow the player to unleash a ‚Power Blow‘ or to commence a new combination of strikes.

Pre-release screenshots have confirmed that series regulars, Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi will return. New stages include circus ring, „The Show“ and oil rig, „Fuel“. DOA5 is scheduled for release 25 September on Playstation 3 and XBox 360.