Anticipation for GTA 5

The fans are eagerly waiting for the new part of Grand Theft Auto, but they have long again waiting for a release date. However, by posting the trailer and some info from the developers we could already make a first impression of the latest installment of the GTA series. You will get more news on sites which are dedicated to GTA 5 – like

The event will take place in the city of Los Santos, this should already be known from GTA San Andreas. Experts know that this is a replica of Los Angeles. The game card will be five times the size of the game world in GTA IV. Due to the larger game world will again airplanes and jets are introduced, they were in Part IV missed by all fans but very.

The big question is, what has changed? What’s new? Many objects such as weapons and vehicles should be individualized with upgrades such as silencers or by nitro boost. In addition to the fire fights are more realistic, for example, it is difficult to shoot from a vehicle. In addition, the police have much more attentive.

The first star of the investigation status should already be achieved by exceeding speeds. Here it should be to address some of GTA racers prefer something quieter. As little hope for those who want to quickly from A to B, there is an active traffic control on the radio. This congestion can be bypassed, but it can also tap into the police radio.

The character of Rockstar Games has unfortunately not reveal very much, jediglich the information that he is Albert de Silva and Hispanic descent.

An exact date for release is not yet clear, but it is at E3 in June this year to give a playable demo.
You can be sure in any case, that GTA V will be a worthy successor to Part IV.