GTA V – Whats new, whats hot?

Now it’s official: GTAV is from 17 Sept. 2013 available to all. In addition, some of the details have been published to the content.
3 in 1: This time there are three alter egos.


Thus, the player can jumpen off a mission in its sole discretion between the three characters back and forth.
Some missions require the participation of all the other character, so can be geswicht here between the three .Here is more about GTA 5 PC:

For the people it is especially to Michael, Trevor and Franklin. The ex-criminal Michael is under witness protection from the FBI and is actually on track to create a new future.
He is married and has two children, but because of financial difficulties, Michael is forced to re-enter with torts in the scene.

The war veteran Trevor is at home in Blaine County, where the heavy psychological burden of the war in deranged character traits of the initial forty-somethings zeigen.Er has flying experience and is always willing to be einzulassen.Franklin for illegal transactions is mid-twenties and crooks with passion . His profession requires that he for his boss – the brutal demands coal – an Armenian luxury car dealer.

All the characters go by the way during the Daddler just with another person gambles, according to their own interests. A version for the PSVR is also planned, according to this site.
Los Santos is greater than the worlds of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto 4 and Read Dead Redemption put together and includes nature / wilderness, military terrain and water expeditions in the sea.

Tattoo studios and fitness centers will probably not exist, and also to love-affair partnerships and the player will have to do without.