WhatsApp Shock: Spy App Makes Partner Monitoring Possible

spy app threadThe new Dasta app offers virtual stalkers a new platform. Any WhatsApp user can become a victim of the monitoring software. » read more

Personal Experience with VR Adult Content

watching vr movie

Just take part, that’s what many porn fans dream of. The sex industry knows this only too well and is working feverishly on new products that are supposed to offer just that. » read more

Top 5 Altcoins That Could Make Over 1000X In 2020

cryptocurrency tradingMany investors have missed the real run on the Bitcoin. However, there is still the possibility to profit from certain Altcoins as an investor. Unfortunately, there are now more than several thousand different cryptocurrencies and it makes no sense to pick out any of them and simply put money on an uptrend. » read more

Online Gambling Against Corona-Boredom?

online gamblingWhat to do when you’re sitting at home and there’s nothing left on Netflix that you don’t already know? You speak all the languages, you’ve even once read a book.. Then maybe there is only one thing left at the end: Get your blood pumping by gambling online.

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Virtual and porno reality: a business that is shifting

Porn is shifting. It is altering the way we see it, and the way it is produced.

oculus-riftPornography is definitely a driver for engineering. From Bluray to VHS, Super-8 projectors to pay per view cable, pornography has frequently been as a sure-fire method of getting new technologies into the main stream.

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Little Enterprise Primer: Set Your Network Up for Telecommuting

There comes a time in many companies when conditions dictate it or even more consumers work at home either full- or parttime. In other instances, it might just be suitable for company owners and workers in order to make use of company assets at home or (sadly) while on holiday.

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